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Yeah, I wouldn't be impressed either.



Potiential Back for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

Well, now things are getting interesting! Once more, a very well laid-out page, with nice, clear text (save for your URL - a darker pin...

Potiential Cover for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

I'll say this much, the piece definitely caught my attention with little trouble. Of course, my attention is easily caught by women, so...


September wasn't nearly as productive as I'd have liked, but stuff happened, y'know? Anyway, better chances this month.

T:A-R Arc Four - "Dark Glass" - Taking a break on this.
T:A-R Re-Edit - "Interrogations"
Editing on Novel - "Halcyon Days" - Done for now!
PW! Entries (1+) - No clue on this, waiting on others.
PW!R Entries (10) - Working on these, done with ten. Done for now!
Request Stories (3) - Might edit one, done with the second one, no clue on number three.
MLP:FiM Stories - Two done! Started work on another! Will hopefully finish in November!

Journal posted October 1, 2014.
October 5, 2014 - Been sick as a dog over the last few days, but I've gotten stuff done! Another PW!R submission is written and ready to go, and I actually took some time to work on the next MLP story. Fingers crossed that I get the remaining three done with little difficulty, so I can refocus on the ponies.
October 6, 2014 - Still sick, but getting writing done. A little more Pokémon, a little more MLP.
October 7, 2014 - Same as above, but I'm hoping to be back at my day job on Thursday. As for right now, I've gotten another PW!R submission done and gotten a little further with my next MLP story. Been a while since this has happened, hasn't it?
October 8, 2014 - Inspiration's a tricky thing. I started on, and finished, a totally different MLP story. Feel free to be savage with it.
October 10, 2014 - Did some minor edits to the new Pony story yesterday, did significant work on another Pokémon story today. Gonna try and finish it before I call it a night. And lo and behold, I finished it. I'm gonna start posting these on Wednesday!
October 12, 2014 - No writing yesterday, but I got significant work done on the tenth and last PW!R submission that I'm working on for this batch! It shall be finished by the end of the week!
October 15, 2014 - Finished up the tenth and last PW!R submission for this batch! Only took me most of the year to do it, too. Anyway, first one's being posted as we speak, and I'm getting to serious work on my next MLP story (hopefully) before I call it a night. There's a muffin-loving pegasus who's demanding it of me.
October 19, 2014 - Got a little more work done on the next MLP story today. Gonna try and get more done before the night ends.
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Radio Free Masters

  “Alright everyone, let’s be at our best! Magic is about to happen, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s give the audience a show, shall we?”

  Alex laughed as she adjusted her headphones. “Is your producer always so excited, or is this my fault?”

  “Trust me, it’s not just you.” The red-haired, bespectacled woman leaned forward and added, “You’re looking a lot more comfortable than most trainers I see here. Aren’t you even a little bit nervous?”

  “Some, but compared to what I’ve been through, I think I can handle something like this.”

  The two were signaled from within the director’s booth, music starting up and cuing them, and Alex took a quick breath as her interviewer turned on her microphone. “Good morning to all our listeners in Kanto and Johto, and everyone catching us on the Internet. I’m DJ Mary, and this is PokéTalk Radio. Joining me today as my first guest is the latest trainer to win a Plain Badge, Alex Masters.”

  Barely a day after defeating Whitney at the Goldenrod Gym and earning her Plain Badge, Alex had been approached by one of the producers at Goldenrod’s Radio Tower, a very flamboyant fellow to say the least, who practically begged her to take part in the day’s show. She had reservations, but she found herself unable to refuse. “Happy to be here, Mary.”

  “You listeners at home may have heard about my guest, her appearance at the recent Silver Conference and her travels in Orre, but something tells me that you’ve probably never heard things from her perspective. Alex, tell us a little about yourself.”

  “Well, there isn’t a lot to tell, to be honest. I’m from Lilycove City in Hoenn, my father was a Pokémon researcher, my mother the head of a manufacturing firm, and my older sister is a successful trainer in her own right. I was a little late getting started in comparison to her, finally setting out when I was sixteen, but I like to think I’ve made some progress on my journey since then.”

  “Given that you’ve traveled through Johto, Hoenn and Orre, I’d say that’s a given. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Pokémon you’ve trained?”


  “That arrogant wench! Going on the radio to crow about her accomplishments will surely…!”

  “Megelle, please, let’s restrain ourselves, hmm?”

  The rotund Rocket operative turned silent as Haig turned up the sound on the radio. Neither thought they would disturb anyone in the surrounding offices, and if someone was disturbed, odds were they would do little about it. After all, you can’t do much when the boss does something you disagree with.

  :“Well, my very first Pokémon was a Torchic; I named him Surtur, and he’s since evolved into a Blaziken. After him came a Squirtle, Daraxis, and a Chikorita, Nadyra; they’ve since become a Blastoise and a Meganium. After them came a Murkrow, ShadowWarrior, and the four of them form the core of my team. The other eleven Pokémon I train are cycled in and out, but I do try to give all of them equal time.”:

  :“And what Pokémon did you use to win your recent battle at the Goldenrod Gym?”:

  :“Surtur, along with Pteryx and Grospoliner, an Archen and a Metang. But even with the three of them and the type advantages, we had a hard time of it. Whitney’s not an easy opponent to face, as most trainers know.”:

  :“Every trainer I’ve interviewed can attest to that. So, what’s next on the horizon for you?”:


  A mirthless laugh escaped Eldon Carter’s mouth. “Please. They have that talentless girl on the radio talking about defeating a Gym Leader?”

  “Eldon, remember the last time you ran into her?” Leonard groaned as he tried to convince the man who was barely his friend to let go of his obsession. “Remember Sabrina?”

  “Yes, and I’ve every intention of seeing to it that she feels my wrath as well. Now quiet, Leonard, I’ve valuable intelligence to gather while we travel to Goldenrod. There’s a reasonable chance she might still be there when we’re there attending your mother’s debate.”

  The shorter of the two scientists gave up, already dreading the trip. Eldon had been invited to attend by Leonard’s mother, someone whom he had little affection towards and actively avoided as much as he could. Unfortunately, it was much easier to go with his friend than insist otherwise.

  :“Well, I’m going to be in Goldenrod for a little while yet. I’m helping my boyfriend with a charity event benefiting the Goldenrod Orphanage, but after that, my next stop is Azalea Town. So if Bugsy is listening to this, I hope he brings his ‘A’ game. I’m looking forward to a challenge.”:

  :“And where from there? The rest of the gyms here in Johto?”:

  :“Of course, and hopefully I’ll go beyond to Kanto, Sinnoh, and maybe even Unova and Kalos. Whether I win any tournaments or not, I’ve still got a lot of places to go and a lot to do before I finally hang up my belt and call it a day. Things might change before then, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.”:


  “Well, I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Maybe we’ll see you in another tournament sometime soon.”

  “That all depends on things outside my control, but we’ll see.”


  The interview concluded, Alex closed the door behind her and sighed in relief. As composed as she was, she did not look forward to what was no doubt on the way now that she’d broadcasted her plans. She already had more encounters with Team Rocket since her arrival in Johto than she’d have liked, and it was a matter of time before she crossed swords with them again. Just because Ash Ketchum dealt with the dregs didn’t mean she was doing the same.

  “You know, I’d say you did pretty good.”

  She smiled, and looked into the approving face of her boyfriend. “Thanks. I just hope this is a positive sign of things to come. I can’t help but feel like something’s waiting on the horizon.”

  “And if it is, we’ll deal with it.” Nicholas gently bumped her shoulder with his fist and assured her, “We did it before. We’ll do it again.”

  A nod. “Yeah. We will.”
Radio Free Masters - PW-R-071
Forgive me, but I wanted to have a piece as a quick summary, especially considering it's been over a year since I posted anything in this storyline. Anyway, Alex has a radio interview and some plot threads are set up for future stories.
A Light in the Dark

  “I’m withdrawing my application, ma’am.”

  Spitfire had heard a number of phrases uttered in her offices at the Wonderbolts Academy, but this was one phrase that rarely reached her ears. She was fresh from having qualified Cloudsdale for the Relay Race in the upcoming Equestria Games, and had expected to return to her offices to praise and cheers, not to a young officer holding an application in her office and declaring that she was withdrawing it. “You care to explain yourself…?” she briefly glanced at the rank insignias on the mare’s uniform before continuing, “…Lieutenant…?”

  “Sunrunner, ma’am. And I don’t think I need to explain myself. I’m withdrawing my application to join the Wonderbolts.”

  Spitfire looked over the mare before her. She was well-built for a pegasus racer, with a light amber coat and cyan eyes, her crimson and yellow mane cut short. Somepony who wasn’t paying attention might end up confusing the two, but she doubted they were related. “I suppose you don’t, but…”

  “But with all due respect, ma’am, we don’t have anything more to talk about.” She then ripped the application to shreds, deposited the destroyed document in the nearest wastebasket and gave a polite salute. “Good day, ma’am.”

  The mare departed, Spitfire watching her leave with some surprise. This hadn’t been the first time somepony had come into her office and declared that they’d quit, vivid memories of when Rainbow Dash had attended the academy’s boot camp flashing through her mind, but this was the first time it had happened with an applicant out of the blue, especially with when they were part of the regular forces rather than a raw recruit.

  This wasn’t something that she was going to let stand. “Lieutenant Sunrunner!” She stepped outside her office to find that the mare hadn’t gone far. “You may not need to explain yourself, but I want an explanation. You aren’t under my direct command, but I am still your superior officer, and when I ask for an explanation of your actions, I expect one.”

  The mare turned to face her, her expression still neutral, and asked, “Permission to speak freely?”

  “Granted. Now what’s made you change your mind about joining the Wonderbolts? Don’t you want to be an elite flyer?”

  Sunrunner looked her in the eye, her tone remaining firm, and answered. “I have every intention of being an elite flyer, ma’am. I’ve spent years wanting to be a Wonderbolt. But I refuse to join the Wonderbolts as they are now. Yes, you have a team of the best fliers in Equestria, and I’d be proud to fly alongside any of them, but from what I’ve heard, the Wonderbolts as a unit have fallen. Badly. And I don’t see any sense in climbing aboard a sinking ship.” She turned silent for a moment before asking, “Will there be anything else, ma’am?”

  Spitfire regarded her for a moment. “No. Dismissed.”

  She gave a curt nod, turned on the spot, and went on her way, leaving the Wonderbolts’ captain to watch her go.


  “You’re thinking about this way too much, Spitfire.” Fleetfoot’s usual relaxed tone did little to ease her nerves as they ate together in the officers’ mess. “Seriously, there’s plenty of recruits who’re eager to join the Wonderbolts. For every hundred mares like this one you’re talking about, there’s a Rainbow Dash waiting.”

  “That’s just it. Give this mare a bit less tact, and she’d sound exactly like Rainbow Dash.”

  “Who would sound exactly like Rainbow Dash?” A familiar poofy-maned pegasus took up a place beside Fleetfoot, curiosity clear on her face.

  “This mare that tore up her application to join the Wonderbolts right in Spitfire’s office.” Fleetfoot rolled a hoof in the air, trying to recall her name. “Sunburner, Sunstreaker…?”

  “Sunrunner?” Surprise lit up Surprise’s face at Spitfire’s nod. “Really? Wow. Something must’ve cheesed her off bad.”

  A green eye gave the late arrival a quizzical look. “You’ve heard of her?”

  “You haven’t? Until Rainbow Dash broke them in boot camp, she was the big record holder.”

  A shrug. “So she’s sore that the kid broke her records. Big whoop.”

  “No, I don’t see that. I told her about her records getting broken, and she was actually happy about it. ‘If anypony was going to do it, I’d want it to be her,’ she said.” She paused a second to elaborate, “Her being…”

  “Her being Rainbow Dash, yeah, obviously.”

  “So she’s got a soft spot for the rookie, huh?” Spitfire managed a smile at that, given she’d taken a shine to Rainbow Dash too. Any mare willing to stand up to her twice had to have some brass ones.

  “Yep. I’ve even seen her try to pull off a Sonic Rainboom of her own.”

  Fleetfoot laughed. “Great, a hero worshipper.”

  “No, this was before the Best Young Flier’s Competition. If anything, she worked at it even harder after Rainbow Dash pulled it off.”

  Spitfire remembered that particular event like it was yesterday, despite having been unconscious for part of it. She’d never admit it out loud, but she’d always been a bit embarrassed by what had happened then; a rescue attempt foiled by poor planning and a panicked unicorn who packed more of a punch than she’d expected. “Surprise, you’ve talked with Sunrunner, right?”

  “Off and on when she went through the qualifiers. Passed ‘em with flying colors, too.”

  You could always count on Surprise to relate to the recruits and encourage them. “She ever talk about why she wanted to be a Wonderbolt?”

  “Nope, never came up.”

  “Probably the same reasons we all did, to fly with the best of the best and carry on the traditions.”

  Spitfire had a hard time disagreeing with Fleetfoot’s guess, but she found herself thinking about her earlier comparisons and the pony she’d found herself comparing the young officer to, especially in light of what had happened out at Rainbow Falls, and she found herself thinking out loud, “Maybe she had some reasons of her own.”


  The sun was starting to set on the horizon, and Spitfire found herself walking rather than flying across the academy grounds. Aside from it being good to occasionally feel the ground under her hooves, it would’ve been embarrassing for her to pull a wing muscle right after qualifying for the Games.

  She grimaced, thinking about what had happened. Soarin’ was good at hiding it, but he was probably still sore about it too, even after the small feast of pies he’d had on the way back. It was also, however, the second time she’d seen quality out of Rainbow Dash, and it probably wouldn’t be the last, the way things were going. The day that mare made it into the Wonderbolts, they’d all be better for it, especially considering how they’d been stretched thin.

  Not a day went by that Spitfire didn’t think about the times the Wonderbolts had been forced to be on the sidelines for one reason or another. Nightmare Moon shows up in Ponyville? Princess Celestia delays their arrival, and they miss out on everything. Discord? Off doing a charity event in Vanhoover. The Changeling invasion? A goodwill tour of the Griffon Kingdom. And that ignored the times they actually were on hand; she could still feel the sting from when Rarity had knocked her unconscious in a panic during her descent, and while Surprise wasn’t afraid to joke, she’d never cracked one about dragons after that mess in Ponyville. She still counted her blessings that Rainbow Dash had never dared to read her the riot act over not stepping in on Tornado Day, or that she’d spent her time signing autographs rather than overseeing drills at the academy. And the only reason she’d even considered asking Rainbow Dash to join the team in Soarin’s place had been because no other Wonderbolt was available, their duty schedules in conflict with the qualifiers and the games proper. Twelve Wonderbolts weren’t enough anymore, they needed more fliers in the air. Maybe it was time to reconsider the idea of reserves…

  A fiery contrail caught her attention, and she turned her gaze to the sky to track the flying projectile. Her eyes quickly caught up, and she caught sight of the very mare that had gotten her going on her current train of thought as Sunrunner went into a steep dive. Even from the distance she was at, Spitfire could see her accelerate faster and faster, the telltale Mach cone forming and tightening around her as her dive continued. Her eyes widened as she watched, only for Sunrunner to veer off and tumble through the air, catching herself within seconds and regaining her bearings. The mare shook her head with frustration, something that Spitfire could understand the reasons for; there were plenty of times she’d done the same after not being able to pull off a stunt.

  “Nice moves, Lieutenant!”

  Despite the distance, the mare caught her call with a surprised look on her face. Sunrunner flew back to the mountaintop and landed, shaking her wings. “Thanks, ma’am, but…” She sighed. “Nevermind. Is this some attempt at getting me to reconsider my application?”

  “No, just thought it’d be a good idea to talk, flier to flier.” Spitfire managed a reassuring smile as she added, “And we’re off-duty, Sunrunner. Don’t need to give me any of that ‘ma’am’ stuff right now. I meant what I said, by the way. Surprise mentioned you’ve tried to pull off a Sonic Rainboom before. Came awful close that time, too; your form was perfect, good speed, everything in your favor.”

  “Maybe, but I feel like there’s something I’m doing wrong.”

  “Well, take a break from it. No sense working your wings off over it.” She sat down and invited the younger mare to do the same. “Been thinking about what you said earlier in my office. Wish I could say you were less on the mark, but you had a point. Second mare to point it out to me, too.”

  “After Rainbow Dash?” A nervous smile as she admitted, “I know I shouldn’t, but I tend to pay attention to scuttlebutt just a little too much. Old survival mechanism from school.”

  “Well don’t stop. It’s right more times than it’s wrong.” A curious look crossed her face as Spitfire asked, “Where did you go to school, by the way? I haven’t heard anything about a flier like you out of Cloudsdale.”

  “That’s because I’m not from Cloudsdale. I was born and raised in Indianappaloosa, spent most of my schooling there. The rest was in Canterlot before I entered the academy to join the Guard.”

  “That explains it. Nice town; we’ve had a few races out there, charity things and such. That how the racing bug bit you?”

  Sunrunner took on a nervous smile. “Tell you the truth? I love racing, and athletics, but I didn’t want to be a Wonderbolt because of that. I had other reasons.” She shifted a bit to reveal her cutie mark, a four-pointed golden star on a red discus. “I knew a colt when I was a little filly. He was a nice guy, sweet, quiet and shy and sensitive, but very creative, and he had a unique way of looking at the world. First colt in my class to earn his cutie mark too, just by telling a story for a class assignment.”

  “Sounds like you liked him.”

  A sad smile crossed her face. “I did. Trouble is, I was the only one. The other foals treated him like garbage; seconds after he got his cutie mark, one of them mocked him over his story, and he exploded. He got suspended for it, but the filly who mocked him didn’t get any punishment whatsoever.” The smile faded as she continued, “I ended up looking up the research he did for his story? Turns out it had a basis in fact, one you’d have to be an idiot to ignore now.”

  “Really? What was the story about?”

  “Nightmare Moon.” She laughed. “Years before it happened, he called it. Her coming back, the prophecy being true, the Elements of Harmony being the only thing to defeat her, all of it. He didn’t pick out everything, mind, no mention of the Castle of the Two Sisters or anything, but he had so much right. And they mocked him about it, because to the average foal, Nightmare Moon was a boogeymare, no different from the Olden Pony or the Headless Horse. I tried to protest to our teacher, Ms. Fairweather, but she brushed it off. Didn’t matter where his research had come from, didn’t matter that he’d gotten poked one too many times with a stick, he’d disrupted class.”

  “That’s kind of the rule, though.”

  “Yeah, but not punishing the one who’d been doing the poking? Life might be unfair, but seriously, it happened right in front of her, and she didn’t do a thing. If two cadets got into a fight right in front of you, you’d punish both of them, wouldn’t you?”

  “Well, yes.”

  “And you see my point. One pony got attacked by another, it spiraled out of control, and the one who caused it in the first place got away scot-free. And she kept on getting away with it too.” She ran a hoof through her mane and nervously admitted, “When I was younger, I had a longer mane. A lot longer than this. I had a cousin, but put us together and take away the wings and horn, and you’d think we were twins. Part of that was my fault; I styled my mane to look like hers. Me trying for solidarity. Didn’t work, but I liked the look. Kept it too, until the same filly who mocked my friend decided to shear my mane off.”

  Spitfire’s eyes went wide. “What? You’re not…” And then she realized, yes, Sunrunner was serious. Foals could be cruel for the pettiest of reasons, and some had an easier time remembering than others. “She didn’t get in trouble for that either, huh?”

  “Nope. It was my word against hers.” She sighed and noted, “In the end, the only thing I could do was give the colt a sympathetic shoulder to lean on every once in a while. But standing up for him? That’s what earned me my cutie mark.” She smiled proudly and explained, “To inspire and protect. That’s why I wanted to be a Wonderbolt. But if I’m better off doing that somewhere else in the Guard, then that’s where…”

  “Sunrunner, you ever heard of General Firefly?”

  The mare paused, then thought for a moment. “She was the first commanding officer of the Wonderbolts, before the unit even had that name.”

  “Well before she led the Wonderbolts, she was one of Equestria’s biggest heroes. She led the charge against Tirek when he attacked Equestria, inspired I don’t know how many ponies to charge in after her and hold the line until the Princesses and Star Swirl the Bearded could step in and finish him off.” A proud smile crossed her face. “I only hope I can do something that impressive someday.” She got up on her hooves and noted, “I’ve met Rainbow Dash several times, but it took a while for me to really figure out how much of her was bluster and how much was the real deal. You? You’re not nearly as brash as she is, but you’ve got the same iron in you. That colt you knew has a great friend.”

  “Had.” Shame spread across the younger mare’s face as she explained, “I haven’t seen him since I left Indianappaloosa, and that was years ago.”

  “You wanted to be a Wonderbolt back then, didn’t you?”

  “Yeah, and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it. I had lots of stuff going on back then making me question things, not just losing him.” A smile crossed her face. “Then I saw that first Sonic Rainboom, and I thought of him. Went off to the academy that fall and haven’t looked back since.”

  “Then don’t start now. We need mares like Rainbow Dash to remind us of what matters, and we need mares like you too. For inspiration. For protection. For somepony whose shoulder we can lean on.” A challenging grin appeared on her face. “Now you’ve got a choice; you can do what you want in the background, or you can do it front and center, and maybe see that friend of yours again. You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the drive, and it sounds like you’ve got something us Wonderbolts need most, especially after Rainbow Falls, and that’s loyalty.”

  Surprise spread across the mare’s face. “I tore up my application.”

  “It’s just a bunch of paper. Fill out another one.” She turned and went on her way. “All up to you, mare!”

  Spitfire had barely gone a few steps before Sunrunner asked, “You think we’ll have a beautiful moon tonight, ma’am?”

  The Wonderbolt laughed. “They’re all beautiful. We just couldn’t see it for a while.”


  As Spitfire made her way to her office the next morning, she found her customary pile of documents waiting for her in the racks beside her mailbox. At the front of the pile was a fresh set of applications to join the Wonderbolts. She smiled at the first one on the list.

  They weren’t a perfect unit. They never were, not in the days of General Firefly and not now. But a pony could stay average, or she could aspire to be better. She thought of those who’d come before, and those who were to come. And as the words of the Wonderbolts’ creed came to the forefront of her mind, she looked forward to seeing them.

  “Though I fly through the valley of doom, I shall fear no evil, for my wingponies are at my side. We are Wonderbolts, and we shall never fear the dark.”
A Light in the Dark
In the wake of her team qualifying for the Equestria Games, Spitfire finds herself facing a reminder that the Wonderbolts have a long ways to go.


This was very much a spur-of-the-moment story, intended to showcase another OC of mine, Sunrunner. It's set shortly after the events of "Rainbow Falls" and is totally in continuity with the other stories I've done based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". It's kinda rough, but odds are I'll find the time and the energy to smooth out the edges.

Anyone care to guess who the colt she's talking about happens to be? Or the cousin she's mentioned?
So, I'm not going to TFCon 2014 in Chicago this year.

Getting time off work wasn't the problem; that cleared last week. Paying wasn't a problem either; I've got plenty of cash to spend at a 'con. Getting there was the problem. My mom had work-related stuff that weekend, and my dad? He doesn't want to drive three hours up to Chicago for a convention.

Ah well. Better luck next year.
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Welp, I've had almost a week to digest the newest film, "Rainbow Rocks", and I think I've decided what I'm going to do about it in regards to my own little 'fiction project based on the series.

I'm going to write my own version. Minor differences, of course, to incorporate stuff I already established in "The Sun Also Rises" and will establish in later stories (which this movie has helped to inspire, BTW), give Vinyl Scratch some dialogue (feel free to object) and to reference stuff in the comics. Also, it'll probably feature one or two of my OCs, Quiver Quill definitely among them. I plan on making his inclusion as organic as possible.

And as for the total number? I don't know, but right now, I have one in the works for Quiver Quill and another eight planned that feature him, two more specifically for Sunset Shimmer, plus one that features another OC I've cooked up. Really want to get to that one, but it'll be after the next Sunset Shimmer story I write.

It's gonna take me forever to get these done, y'know? For realsies.


EDIT: And wouldn't you know it, that other OC? She flew up to the forefront of my brain and said, "Write about me now." So I did. :-)
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So, I'm not going to TFCon 2014 in Chicago this year.

Getting time off work wasn't the problem; that cleared last week. Paying wasn't a problem either; I've got plenty of cash to spend at a 'con. Getting there was the problem. My mom had work-related stuff that weekend, and my dad? He doesn't want to drive three hours up to Chicago for a convention.

Ah well. Better luck next year.
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Why not? :iconllamalaplz:
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:hug: Thank u William for ur :+favlove:
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My pleasure. :-)
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Thanks for the fave
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Always a pleasure.
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Thanks for favoriting. 
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My pleasure.
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Thank you for the favourite Smile 
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My pleasure. :-)
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Thanks for another fave friend!
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My pleasure!
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