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Potiential Back for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

Well, now things are getting interesting! Once more, a very well laid-out page, with nice, clear text (save for your URL - a darker pin...

Potiential Cover for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

I'll say this much, the piece definitely caught my attention with little trouble. Of course, my attention is easily caught by women, so...


The Small Day

  Cathcart found himself slumped over his desk, his face against his hands. Arrayed around him were the players from the previous evening, some more aware of the damage from the theft than others.

  Being the least aware of the damage, but also aware of the fact that someone had to get the ball rolling, Jake cleared his throat. “So, how do we stand? I mean, last night…”

  “Donations totaled over five million.” His arms fell to the desk, and Cathcart’s head followed. “But that’s hollow comfort.”

  “What, because the thief got away?” Jake turned to the two Jennies and asked, “Can’t you chase him down?”

  “We already have forensics going over the charge machines, and we know how the accounts were hacked and drained.” The Goldenrod Jenny managed a half-hearted smile. “Your friend was right. We found an extra part that scanned and transmitted account numbers to an outside location. The trouble is that something like that could be built with off the shelf parts. We’re looking at the people who installed the machines, but they outsourced a lot of work and it could take a long time to track the thief down.”

  “And catching him won’t matter.” Alex turned to Jake and explained, “He didn’t go after the money for the orphanage; he went after all the accounts from the donators. Well, all the accounts for everyone who paid with a credit or debit card. They’ll be reimbursed, but any faith they’ve had in donating to this particular charity has been shattered.  A cop shows even a hint of being dirty, all their cases come into question. A journalist ends up exposed as a fraud on one story, you can’t trust them on anything else. A charity shows even a hint of being associated with anything criminal…”

  “And that’s that for the orphanage.” Nicholas sighed. “Bye-bye nuns, hello foster care. And there isn’t a thing we can do about it.” He caught the small scowl on his girlfriend’s face out of the corner of his eye. “Nothing constructive, at any rate. The best we can do is hope that someone else steps in.”

  “Wow. That’s a disappointment.” A shrug. “Well, on the sad note that the bad guy occasionally wins, I hope no one minds if I go on my way. Not a lot I can contribute now, y’know? Besides, I kinda want to get a little reassurance that folks can make a difference.”

  The local Jenny looked to her cousin, who shook her head in defeat. “Go on.”

  A half-smile, and he gave his two friends a small salute. “Best of luck in Azalea Town then, and let me know if you need my help with anything.”

  He departed, and Nicholas asked, “Well, unless you’ve got questions for me and Alex…”



  At a glance, one would call Mother Maria old and frail. One would only be half-right; while getting on in years, she had a great deal of strength to her, the sort of gentle strength one only saw in those of faith. No one crossed her, and were she to ever discover the identity of whoever had done this horrible thing…

  A gentle knock, and she was distracted from her less-than-pious thoughts and her paperwork. “Come in.” The door opened slowly, and she turned with surprise to her guest. “I was beginning to wonder when you would be coming, Nicholas.”

  “My apologies, ma’am, but I’ve been busy.” The young man closed the door behind him, nervously straightening out the odd wrinkles in his suit.

  “So I’ve heard.” She rose to her feet and approached the young man. She looked him over imperiously, then smiled and laid her hands upon his shoulders, looking up in his eyes with pride. “That Masters girl is an attractive young woman. I only hope that you haven’t…”

  “Oh, no, no, I haven’t, she doesn’t…” The young man took a calming breath. “You are too good at keeping me on my toes.”

  “Someone had to, and higher authorities left the job to me.” She idly brushed him off and noted, “Now, if you’re here about what happened, don’t worry. We’ll manage. We always have.”

  The young man smiled. “And you always will. You keep all of these kids in line, you kept me in line…”

  “You were always well-behaved, Nicholas. It’s easier to be good when you’re already good.” She shot him a critical look, maintaining her smile, and added, “Just keep it that way, hmm?”

  A nod, and Nicholas found himself thinking that compared to the Mother, Alex’s relatives were easy.  


  “You know there was nothing you could do, right?”

  “Grandma, I know I’m not responsible for all of this. I did everything I could. Sometimes the bad guys win, plain and simple.” A smile, and she noted, “I do appreciate you trying to cheer me up, though.”

  “Well, not much else we can do, is there?” Elizabeth gave her granddaughter a hug as they continued on their way, her eyes drifting towards the mobile home that was currently serving as Alex’s transport. “Don’t tell your boyfriend this, but there’s one thing that worries me about him.”

  An eyebrow arched on her forehead. “Nick isn’t the sort of guy who…”

  “I’m not worried about you having a kid before you get married. I’m worried about the kids having stability.” She gently knocked against the side of the RV and explained, “Rolling stones gather no moss, and moving seeds plant down no roots. I don’t see you traveling the world doing the Pokémon trainer thing forever, but him?”

  “Grandma, he and I will cross that bridge when we get to it. Hopefully we do.”

  “Hopefully. You two work well together, a lot better than me and your grandfather did. And you and I both know how that ended.”

  “Yes, he soured you on marriage forever and then he died.” Akima approached from the other end of the vehicle and smiled. “Personally, I think you should’ve gotten back into the game, but things didn’t work out too badly.” She gestured to the RV and explained, “It’s clean. Noticeable, but clean. Do be careful, hmm?”

  “I will, thank you.” Alex looked to the main offices of the orphanage as Nicholas made his way out, relief on his face. She smiled, and his mood brightened as he approached. “You ready to go?”

  “All set.” He turned to the two older women and noted, “It was good meeting the two of you. I hope I can see you again.”

  “And that it’s under better circumstances.” Elizabeth gave the young man a brief hug, then one to her granddaughter. “Break a leg, you two, and look after each other, hmm?”

  “And let us know if you need help.” Akima reluctantly admitted, “Trouble does seem to follow this family about.”

  Alex nodded solemnly, but smiled. “But we never get more than we can handle.”


  The two old ladies watched as the young couple departed, the RV slowly heading off, and the same proud smiles remained on their faces as discussion went elsewhere. “You’re trying to track down the hacker from last night, aren’t you?”

  “Yes, and I’ve some good leads for him as well as other problems to come.”

  “Alex did mention something about Team Rocket having an interest in her and wanting to reclaim ShadowWarrior. Any ideas to deal with that?”

  “A few. That organization is a group of thugs and monsters, headed by a thug and monster who wears a suit and hides behind a veneer of civility, calling himself a businessman.”

  “So you’re going to make him an offer that he can’t refuse?”

  “Oh heavens no. Elizabeth, I’m a member of the Koh’Salna, part of a race that lost its homeworld to marauders who destroyed it for sick amusement. I won’t make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Akima turned grim as she continued, “I’ll make him an offer that he will refuse, that he will continue to refuse as the bodies of his underlings pile up and the streets run red with Rocket blood. And I will continue until he accepts, or until I have his head.” Her tone brightened as she assured her sister-in-law, “He’ll accept, eventually.”

  “Assuming it comes to that.”

  “Assuming it does.”

  Elizabeth sighed. “Well, I missed out on the chance to blow a hole in Canmore’s chest when he kidnapped Alex. If this goes the way you think it will, and I hope it doesn’t…”

  “As do I, but I always leave room for disappointment.”

  “Then you’re going to need help. I can’t stop some bastard from calling my granddaughter a bimbo, but I can do a thing or two about nefarious criminal organizations dedicated to global domination.”

  Akima grinned. “Elizabeth, I’m so very glad you’re family.”
The Small Day - PW-R-076
Sometimes, bad things happen, and all you can do is pick up the pieces, move on, and do what you can to deal with it.

Kinda depressing, but that's life.
Thanks partly to me taking some sick days from work, I actually managed to get some stuff done last month! Not nearly enough, sadly, but I'll take what I can get. Anyway, got started on this month's project, so with any luck, it'll be done and I can move onto something else. Or I'll start on the something else early, we'll see.

T:A-R Arc Four - "Dark Glass" - Taking a break on this.
T:A-R Re-Edit - "Interrogations"
Editing on Novel - "Halcyon Days" - Done for now!
PW! Entries (1+) - No clue on this, waiting on others.
PW!R Entries (10) - Working on these, done with ten. Done for now!
Request Stories (3) - Might edit one, done with the second one, no clue on number three.
MLP:FiM Stories - Two done! Started work on another! Will hopefully finish in November!

Journal posted November 1, 2014.
Update on November 9, 2014 - Took me long enough, but I've gotten more work done on the next MLP story.
Update on November 16, 2014 - Some late night/early morning tweaks to the next MLP story. Plus some additions later in the day. :-)
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I've got an account at! Yay!

Also, I set up a gmail account. Not too thrilled about that one, but what can you do?
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The Big Night

  Like any bustling metropolis, Goldenrod City boasted an active night life, with attractions ranging from the mundane to the fantastic and more than enough to entertain its denizens. Many of its cultured elite, however, found themselves congregating at the Goldenrod Theater, eager to gather and, for one reason or another, support a charitable cause.

  “Come in, come in, good evening!” Cathcart enthusiastically greeted the night’s guests, shaking hands with more than a few of them as they entered the building’s foyer. “Thank you so much for coming tonight and for your donations! Rest assured, your funds will go to a wonderful cause!”

  The theater lobby was packed with people, many the wealthy elite of Johto with a few odd celebrities of some form or another sprinkled in the mix. Also present were a mix of uniformed and plainclothes officers mingling among the crowd, keeping a watchful eye out for suspicious activity. Many looked happy to be there, but there were a few who looked decidedly uncomfortable.

  Jake looked increasingly queasy as he straightened his tie. “Gonna say it right now, I hate wearing monkey suits.”

  Alex smiled and sipped her glass of water, glad that there were a few non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated refreshments offered. “Well if it’s any consolation, you look great in that monkey suit.”

  “Says the girl who’s gotten a glance from every man here. Since when did you dress fancy?”

  A grin. “Since I have reason to dress fancy.” She caught sight of herself in one mirror and made a mental note to thank Rachel the next time she saw her; the fashionista’s blue cheongsam dress fitting her figure perfectly. Granted, it was only part of the package – Alex had to provide her own stockings and shoes and her hair was done up in an elegant braid – but the outfit was excellent. “Anyway, relax. Nick’s performance won’t be too long, donations are coming in, and the police are here in force. Speaking of, did you make one?”

  “A little. Not all of us have big bank accounts; best I could do was chip in about a hundred bucks or so. You?”

  The grin turned to an embarrassed smile as she admitted, “I wrote a check.” She shook off her embarrassment and amended, “No big anyway, any donation is better than none.”

  “Assuming the cash doesn’t get stolen. Seriously, what kind of coldhearted jerk steals money meant for orphans?”

  “I don’t know, but if I ever met them, I’d castrate them.”  

  “I wouldn’t say that too loudly with this many police officers present.” The two turned as Whitney approached, dressed in a flattering strapless dress rather than her normal sporty attire. “One of the Jennies already thought you were a thief after all.”

  “Any time I’ve attacked someone, it was in self-defense or in the defense of others. If the authorities here in Johto have a problem with that, especially considering it was done in Hoenn, then that’s their business.” Another sip of her drink, and Alex added, “Besides, I have lots of money that I’ve inherited or earned legitimately. Why steal more, and why announce it beforehand? I’m a lot of things, but arrogant didn’t make the list.”

  “Unless they were trying to distract us from something else.” An arched eyebrow went his way, and Jake shrugged. “Not impossible.”

  “Well, it’s all over my head anyway, but it looks like they took precautions, all of these card readers and everything.” Whitney took a sip of her own drink before turning the conversation elsewhere. “So, what’s next for you, Alex? Heading to Azalea Town?”

  A nod. “I’m already working through some strategies to deal with Bugsy. Saw him battle once, way early on during my journey, and that sparked a few ideas, assuming I have to deal with his Scyther.” A grin, and she prodded, “And that assumes he hasn’t evolved it into a Scizor by now.”

  “And if he had, you wouldn’t hear about it from me.”

  “Then I suppose I’ll have to wing it, won’t I?” A quick glance at the clock, and she noted, “Sorry, I need to dash. I’ve got another role to fill tonight beyond giving out a donation.”

  Alex strode off, prompting Jake to note, “Nick’s lucky he’s got Alex. No clue who would’ve been the lovely assistant instead of her.”

  A giggle prompted Jake to look at her as Whitney grinned. “Probably me.”  


  The night progressed on quietly, and after an hour of socializing and idle talk, the gathered guests made their way to the theater proper. It was an impressive sight, with a large projection screen in the back and a stage large enough for a small orchestra. As the guests settled into their seats, Cathcart appeared on the stage to polite applause. “Please, please, everyone! First off, I’d like to thank you all for coming out tonight, and for your donations. I can assure you right now, there are a number of very thankful children who will be getting more of what they need thanks to all of you. But that isn’t the only reason that all of you are here tonight, so I won’t waste any more of your time. Ladies and gentlemen, the primary act for this evening and someone with a far more personal connection to this event than everyone else here, this evening’s entertainment, Mr. Nicholas Pendrake!”

  More polite applause, albeit more enthusiastic than what came earlier, echoed through the hall as Cathcart stepped off the stage, Nicholas and Alex taking his place. The young Aura Guardian waved to his audience and smiled, glad to be back in his element. “Thank you, thank you everyone! It’s great to be back!” The applause died down, and the young man cast off his cape. “Now, I want to take a moment to personally thank all of you for coming tonight and donating your funds. Like Mr. Cathcart said, there are a number of children out there who are thankful for your donations. I should know, I was one of them once upon a time, until a certain traveling illusionist came along and decided that simply performing for this charity event wasn’t enough, and he just had to take in a kid of his own. I’m here because of him. And thankfully, this year, I’m not alone.”

  Alex smiled, and found herself flashing back to the last time she’d shared a stage with her boyfriend. As nervous as he sometimes seemed, here, he was at ease with himself and his surroundings.

  “Anyway, enough about me and enough about all you’ve done. You’ve helped make some magic tonight, so it’s time I did the same.” He took hold of his cape with his right hand and grinned. “So let’s get this started…!”

  :“Actually, let’s not.”:

  Nicholas paused, Alex’s eyes immediately darting to the theater’s speakers. “I think we’ve found our thief.”

  :“Oh, very perceptive!”: The screen behind them flashed to life, a bright white line atop a black background appearing and springing into a mess of rises and falls with each word. :“And here I thought you were just a nice piece of eye candy. That said, very tasty, though that’s a cheap dress. Was silk too expensive for you?”:

  Alex glared, her eyes starting to dart around in the hopes that she could find a camera. “This dress was a great gift from a good friend. Besides, cotton breathes better.”

  :“Yeah, you keep on telling yourself that, sweet cheeks. And those are especially sweet cheeks, but I’m getting distracted. As long as you look good, who cares? After all, isn’t that why all of you are here?”: Confused looks were exchanged among the audience, security and police already at work to deal with the issue, while the voice continued. :“Oh come now! Let’s be honest! None of you really give a Rattata’s ass about some orphans. ‘Oh help me, I don’t have a mommy or a daddy!’ ‘Get away from me, you little twerps!’ If anyone ever took Daddy Morbucks seriously…”:

  “Whoever you are sir, you are grossly mistaken!” Cathcart stood up from his seat. “Tonight we’ve managed to raise…”

  :“Five hundred thousand in cash through digital card transations, and probably a decent amount through cash and checks. But how much do all of these captains of industry make in a year? How much are they worth? How much cash are they hording for themselves, squirreling away somewhere for their own ungrateful little brats? No one donates to a charity because they believe in helping others. They do it for tax rebates, or to make themselves look good and feel good. If these rich blowhards wanted to help Little Orphan Annie, you know what they’d do? They’d adopt these kids. They’d get them out of the foster care system. But oh no, it’s a lot easier to throw a little bit of their vast fortune at someone else instead. Or better yet, they go to some other country and adopt a little brat there instead. Well, if you’re not going to do anything with all of that money, then it might as well go to a better use.”:

  “He’s stealing the money while everyone is in here!” Nicholas turned to Alex, whose expression was decidedly different from his shocked one. “He isn’t?”

  “He is and he isn’t.” Comprehension became clear on Alex’s face as many in the audience had their cell phones ring, many of them having turned their phones back on once the show was interrupted and others having neglected to turn them off. “He’s not after the donations. He’s after everything that wasn’t donated!” She jumped off the stage, Nicholas following, and explained as they charged towards the doors, “Come on!”


  “I want the doors secured and that feed traced! Whoever that thief is, they are not getting out of this building with the donations!” Cerulean Jenny cursed herself for allowing them to have an old-fashioned system of cash donations or checks in envelopes; that sort of thing was like putting out an invitation for thieves to come and steal it. “If anyone who isn’t law enforcement gets within two inches of that money, they…!”

  “Officer Jenny, I need a minute!”

  She turned to find Alex and Nicholas charging towards her, Jake and Whitney following in their wake. “I knew it! Officers, take them in right…!”

  “Hold off on that!” Goldenrod Jenny approached and silenced her cousin as Alex stopped. “What’s going on?”

  “Whoever your thief is, he’s not after what he’s saying he’s after.” She pointed at the donation box and explained, “That cash is safe. This much of a police presence, you’d have to have a really crazy scheme worthy of a master criminal to make off with the paper donations.”

  “He’s after all the electronic donations?”

  “No. He’s not after any of the donations. He’s after all the money that isn’t getting donated.” She pointed to the card readers that lined the walls of the theater and explained, “Financial information on a card is the same as computer code, ones and zeroes. You get a crime scene tech in here to examine those things and you’ll probably find something in there to record the information and transmit it somewhere else. Everyone who attended tonight and used a credit, debit or bank card to make their donation is probably having their accounts drained as we speak.”

  :“Well, someone figured out my little plan.”: Heads turned to the speakers throughout the lobby, far smaller and less obtrusive than the ones in the theater proper but nonetheless visible. :“Bonus points for the big-boobed bimbo for actually having a couple brain cells…”:

  Alex found a security camera and glared angrily at it. “He’s hacked the cameras, the sound system and the digital projector too. Pull the plug, now.”

  :“Oh, did I hurt the little girl’s feelings? I’m so –!”:

  The voice went silent, leading Jake to note, “Well, not bad. So how do we track him down?”

  “We don’t.” At her friend’s surprised expression, Alex answered, “Chasing down a cyber-thief is a little outside my wheelhouse. About the only things that can be done are confiscate the machines and tell everyone to contact their banks and credit card companies immediately.”

  “Which will be harder than it sounds, given it’s a Saturday and the banks won’t be open again until Tuesday.” Goldenrod Jenny groaned, not looking forward to the paperwork on this one or the reaction from the press. “But how did you figure all of this out?”

  A shrug. “Educated guess. I just wish I knew where this guy was.” A growl echoed in her voice as she noted, “No one calls me a bimbo. No one.”


  A long ways away, a very satisfied cyber-thief chuckled. All the preparations he’d made would mean it would be extremely unlikely if anyone tracked him down, and if they did, they’d end up going to a decoy location rather than the real one. He was now sitting on an absurd amount of cash. The banks would reimburse most of the rich folk he stole from, but the cash he’d plundered would keep him for a while, and the credit card numbers he’d stolen could easily be resold to his other clients.

  Which reminded him to pick up his cell phone and give one of his clients a call. After all, Team Rocket wouldn’t say no to a little extra revenue.
The Big Night - PW-R-075
At last! I've been waiting months to post this!

And I very much apologize for the fact that this story ends on such a downer, but I assure you, we will see this mysterious cyber-thief again. Whether he gets castrated, of course, is still very much up in the air, but I doubt it will happen. Because, y'know, I'm okay with decapitations and defenestrations and crushing people's windpipes and impaling them, but castrations are just beyond the pale, know what I mean?
I have mandatory overtime at work tomorrow. This sucks, because my weekend is screwed and I can't get any writing done. For another week in a row.

This sucks. Ever since I started the job, my creativity has been stifled something fierce this time of year.

Meanwhile, I watched "Rainbow Rocks" on Blu-Ray at last, and have spent the weekend deciding on how to do my adaptation. You know what I've decided? It needs to be greater. It needs to be more powerful-er. It needs more Trixie.


But I might change my mind, I dunno.


UPDATE: The good news is that they sent me home early from the mandatory overtime, and I only had to work one and a half hours. The bad news is, due to a phone getting knocked off a receiver, I was stuck at work for an additional three and a half. And it would've been longer if I hadn't gotten desperate. I'd call it clever, but desperation does not prompt cleverness.

Still, TODAY SUCKED. Except for when I finally got to sit down and write. That improved things.
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I've got an account at! Yay!

Also, I set up a gmail account. Not too thrilled about that one, but what can you do?
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