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Potiential Back for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

Well, now things are getting interesting! Once more, a very well laid-out page, with nice, clear text (save for your URL - a darker pin...

Potiential Cover for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

I'll say this much, the piece definitely caught my attention with little trouble. Of course, my attention is easily caught by women, so...


September wasn't nearly as productive as I'd have liked, but stuff happened, y'know? Anyway, better chances this month.

T:A-R Arc Four - "Dark Glass" - Taking a break on this.
T:A-R Re-Edit - "Interrogations"
Editing on Novel - "Halcyon Days" - Done for now!
PW! Entries (1+) - No clue on this, waiting on others.
PW!R Entries (10) - Working on these, done with ten. Done for now!
Request Stories (3) - Might edit one, done with the second one, no clue on number three.
MLP:FiM Stories - Two done! Started work on another! Will hopefully finish in November!

Journal posted October 1, 2014.
October 5, 2014 - Been sick as a dog over the last few days, but I've gotten stuff done! Another PW!R submission is written and ready to go, and I actually took some time to work on the next MLP story. Fingers crossed that I get the remaining three done with little difficulty, so I can refocus on the ponies.
October 6, 2014 - Still sick, but getting writing done. A little more Pokémon, a little more MLP.
October 7, 2014 - Same as above, but I'm hoping to be back at my day job on Thursday. As for right now, I've gotten another PW!R submission done and gotten a little further with my next MLP story. Been a while since this has happened, hasn't it?
October 8, 2014 - Inspiration's a tricky thing. I started on, and finished, a totally different MLP story. Feel free to be savage with it.
October 10, 2014 - Did some minor edits to the new Pony story yesterday, did significant work on another Pokémon story today. Gonna try and finish it before I call it a night. And lo and behold, I finished it. I'm gonna start posting these on Wednesday!
October 12, 2014 - No writing yesterday, but I got significant work done on the tenth and last PW!R submission that I'm working on for this batch! It shall be finished by the end of the week!
October 15, 2014 - Finished up the tenth and last PW!R submission for this batch! Only took me most of the year to do it, too. Anyway, first one's being posted as we speak, and I'm getting to serious work on my next MLP story (hopefully) before I call it a night. There's a muffin-loving pegasus who's demanding it of me.
October 19, 2014 - Got a little more work done on the next MLP story today. Gonna try and get more done before the night ends.
October 22, 2014 - Another one's posted! No writing though; backlog was too heavy. Really sucks, that. The ponies is calling to me.
October 29, 2014 - And another one is up. Still no writing, but I'll be continuing on the pony story next month. Might get it done, might get a different one written, don't know.
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School Reunion

  “That was a nice thing you did.”

  Alex shrugged. “I guess. I mean, would you want to come across as a jerk on national television?”

  Jake grinned. “No, but you didn’t do that just because of your image, now did you?”

  “Well, no. Tell you the truth; I thought that Lanie was a spoiled brat the first time I spotted her. Of course, folks could’ve said the same about me at her age. Probably easier, considering I’m a rich child of privilege.” She laughed and noted, “Books and covers and all that.”

  A door creaked open close by, and the two turned to find Nicholas stepping out of Mr. Cathcart’s office, the charity manager following behind him. “Nicholas, you were the one thing that I knew would go without a hitch for this event, and you haven’t disappointed! Thank you my boy, thank you so much! Now go – I still have my hands full with everything else!”

  “I won’t keep you then.” The door closed behind him, and the young man turned to his two friends and smiled as he approached. “One good thing about having solid credit with a particular show, you’re very easily vetted. Anyway, I’m set for the show. Any ideas about the rest of the next day?”

  “Well, me and Alex both have the Plain Badge, she’s done some shopping and PR, that doesn’t leave…” A buzz interrupted him, and Jake looked at Alex with surprise.

  “What? I didn’t see this coming.” Alex pulled out her cell phone and checked the caller ID, a surprised smile appearing on her face. “Hello! I didn’t expect to hear from you. What’s going on?” The smile grew even wider as she heard her caller on the other side. “Really? See you there.” She hung up and asked, “Either of you been to Goldenrod University?”


  Like any large city of reasonable size, Goldenrod City was home to a college campus, with Goldenrod University being one of the larger and more prominent examples in the Johto region. A fair-sized institution with a wide selection of courses, many people went on here for higher education.

  As they walked through the campus towards one of the larger lecture halls, Jake looked at Alex with surprise. “So let me get this straight, your grandmother is a college professor?”

  “She teaches botany at Celadon University, but she’s not adverse to the odd trip out here for a guest lecture, debate or teaching job. Needless to say, the Magnet Rail is a big help on that.”

  “And you didn’t know a thing about this.” He smirked at Nicholas and added, “Good news, Nick, you’re about to go through a rite of passage; she’s brought you to meet the family.”

  The shorter of the two boys shook his head. “You sound like that’s a bad thing. I’ve met Alex’s sister, sort of, and she seems okay with me.”

  “And it’s not her grandmother that he or you should be worried about.” The trio paused and turned to a nearby bench, upon which sat an older woman in her early sixties with stark white hair and striking, golden eyes, who rose to her feet and approached them with a grin upon her face that instantly reminded the two men of a cat playing with a mouse. “After all, she wasn’t the one who called.” The grin became more playful as she turned to face Alex. “Hello, Princess.”

  Alex groaned, then smiled and extended her arms for a hug. “Hello Auntie.” She then embraced the older woman with a laugh, then turned back to the two boys and introduced them. “Nicholas Pendrake, Jake Logan, meet Akima Pleiades, my great aunt. She taught me how to fight.”

  “And she was an excellent pupil.” Akima flashed Nicholas a quick smile, and then turned her attention back to the full trio. “Come on. The debate should be starting in a few minutes.”

  The two women leading them along, Jake quietly whispered to Nicholas, “You see that look she gave you? She’s sizing you up.”

  The shorter man’s tone was more annoyed than anything. “She is not sizing me up.”

  “Did you not see the catlike grin? That smile? You’re under the hot light. You’re being twerp sweated.”

  “I am not…!” A groan. “I hope I’m not.”


  “In conclusion, as demonstrated by the experiments performed by my two sons, offering any affection towards a plant of any sort, a plant-like Pokémon included, is essentially pointless. It only creates an unnecessary emotional attachment.”

  A slide show came to an end and polite applause echoed through the hall for the older woman, save for one enthusiastic member towards the front row, but towards the middle, Alex made a point to not politely clap, same as her two traveling companions and her great aunt. Instead, while her two friends looked at the woman with shocked expressions, she had a look of sheer disgust. She gave her aunt a glance, only to notice a confident smile on her face. “Don’t tell me you’re enjoying that harpy’s slander.”

  “Don’t name-call, Princess, you’ll insult the harpies. And I’m merely anticipating what’s to come.”

  The polite clapping died down, and the moderator, an older gentleman who looked as if he belonged on a college campus, managed a small, polite laugh. “Well, Dr. Hartstaeder has offered a very unique perspective upon this issue. Dr. Masters, your response on the matter.”

  Dr. Elizabeth Masters smiled as she turned from the moderator to the audience. Despite being of a similar age to her opponent, she’d aged more gracefully, dressed in a more flattering and casual manner and, even with her greying brown hair, gave off a more youthful air, her pleasant demeanor only helping her. “With all due respect to her argument, I find Dr. Hartstaeder’s perspective to be absolutely ludicrous. Ask the same of any scientist who works with Pokémon, and they’ll feel the same way.” She produced a small remote to start her own slide show. “As demonstrated, a close bond between trainer and Pokémon can bring out the best in both. We’ve all seen numerous matches where a trainer who had a distinct disadvantage against their opponent has managed a victory, and I would argue that the emotional bond between them is what allowed for that victory to come about. Studies performed by Prof. Samuel Oak of Pallet Town have shown conclusive evidence of the positive effects of a strong bond. And even ignoring that, a strong emotional bond is necessary for many Pokémon to evolve, as anyone with a Pichu or an Eevee or a Chansey can tell you. And it might not be necessary for its growth, but I can tell you that a Gloom or a Weepinbell enjoys as much affection as a Glameow or a Growlithe. And as for non-Pokémon plants, well…” The presentation moved to a clip from a popular science program featuring plants being bombarded with classical music, heavy metal, pleasant conversation and harsh language. “I think the Mythbusters have shown that any sort of attention is better than none at all, but why be cruel when you can be nice, right?”

  Alex grinned and joined the rest of the audience in more enthusiastic applause, which died down as the moderator spoke up. “An excellent and very to-the-point counterargument, Dr. Masters. Now then, we’re open for questions.”

  “Excuse me; I have one for Doctor Masters.” Alex groaned as the enthusiastic clapper for her grandmother’s opponent stood up, a smirk upon his face. “You’re a botanist. A plant doctor. I fail to see what a plant doctor would know about close relationships and emotional attachments at all, especially in comparison to a highly-regarded and well-recognized psychologist such as Doctor Hartstaeder.”

  Hartstaeder smirked with approval, while Elizabeth cocked her head to one side as she regarded the speaker. “Are you Eldon Carter, by any chance?”

  The speaker beamed with pride. “Doctor Eldon Carter. And I can see my reputation precedes me.”

  “Yes, it does.” Her eyes briefly met that of her granddaughter, and the two shared a brief smile before Elizabeth continued, “That said, I have the same qualification to speak of close relationships and emotional attachments as most other women of my age do. I had parents and children, I have siblings and nieces and nephews and cousins and even a grandchild, and I have an emotional attachment to all of them. I don’t see why I shouldn’t have the same with any of the Pokémon that I or they have raised, given their obvious sapience.”

  “But that isn’t…” Another audience member raised a hand to ask a question, only for Eldon to turn back and say, “Excuse me, but I’m not done!”

  “One question per audience member, sir.”

  Eldon turned back to the moderator as the man beside him cradled his head in his hands. “I’d like to make a formal protest, sir!”


  “An informal protest then!”

  “Denied. Now please sit down or you’ll be escorted out by security.”

  Eldon sat down, and as he muttered his complaints to his associate, Alex smiled with pleasure, glad to know her grandmother still had it.


  As the last few stragglers from the lecture made their way out, the psychologist found herself approached by the first to speak up. “A brilliant argument, Dr. Hartstaeder, and very well supported. I particularly enjoyed the citations from your newest book.”

  A small, satisfied smile appeared upon her face. “Thank you, Eldon, for that and for coming. I hope the trip wasn’t too inconvenient for you.”

  The taller scientist’s associate tried his best to smile, despite some clear signs of frustration at the lack of recognition. “Oh no, it wasn’t inconvenient for either of us, Mom. We’re both glad to be here.”

  The psychologist’s response was cold and curt. “Hush, Leonard.” She then turned back to Eldon and continued. “In all honesty, I agree with your assessment of my colleague. She is hardly qualified to talk about this topic.”

  “Well not everyone is so awestruck by you or terrified of you that they won’t speak their mind, Beverly.” Elizabeth stepped down from the stage past her colleague and noted, “One only wonders why I was the only person who had the nerve to volunteer.”

  Eldon smirked and countered, “Most likely because the others all recognized the futility in attempting to assail one with as brilliant a mind as hers.”

  “Actually, I’d say she made a valiant and successful effort at stating her case.” Heads turned and Elizabeth smiled as Alex approached with a gleeful smile on her face. “And certainly a much more personable argument.”

  A gasp, and Eldon declared, “You!”

  “Me.” Alex turned her attention back to her grandmother and stretched out her arms. “Hi Grandma!”

  Elizabeth laughed and embraced her granddaughter, drawing her into a tight hug. “Oh, it’s good to see you!” The hug ended, and she turned to her colleague and introduced her. “Dr. Beverly Hartstaeder, my granddaughter, Alexandria. I believe your son and Dr. Carter are already familiar with her.”

  Beverly glanced over the tall young woman before her with the air of a scientist studying a mundane bit of bread mold. “Yes, I believe she was mentioned.”

  “You dared to face me in three Pokémon battles!”

  “And defeated you each time.”

  “That third time doesn’t count!”

  “The double battle alongside Cass?” At Alex’s nod, Elizabeth argued, “Still counts. Now, if you’ll excuse us.”

  “Now hold on! I insist upon a rematch!”

  “Eldon, please, is this really…?”

  “Leonard, if he wishes to engage in competition with this woman, I see no reason to discourage him.”

  “I do. I refuse. I have better things to do.” Alex then turned to Leonard and pleasantly smiled. “Good seeing you again, Dr. Hartstaeder. I find it must be said, you have my sympathies. Farewell.”

  Before Alex could make her way out with her grandmother to the rest of her entourage, the lady Dr. Hartstaeder made a minor note, “You have no room to offer your sympathies. It’s clear that you’re an example of what I was elaborating upon in my argument about affection leading to needless emotional attachment. I doubt you’ll ever live up to his expectations.”

  Alex paused, turned back, and raised a curious eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

  The psychologist made a small smile, tilted her head downwards and stared at Alex over the lenses of her eyeglasses, prompting a horrified reaction from her son. “Alexandria is your given name, but you popularly use the nickname ‘Alex’, a gender-neutral nickname for anyone with your name or its variants, Alexandra or Alexander. Your father is dead, as your grandmother has noted, and you were only thirteen or so when he passed? You engage in masculine activities, dress in a masculine manner, and generally act in a very non-feminine manner, suggesting that you were groomed to be the son that your father never had. And now that he is dead, you will never have his approval.” She gestured to the sword and added, “Also, it’s clear that you engage in some sort of adolescent fantasy, given that you carry around bladed weaponry and wear those ridiculous gloves. Not unlike Leonard when he was younger. At one point, he covered himself in green paint and acted out in the most ridiculous manner.”

  A gleeful look spread across Eldon’s face. “Oh, a wonderful summation. Remind the inferior individual of their failures and…”

  “I do have fond memories of my father.” Alex totally ignored Eldon’s words, her eyes focused upon that of Beverly. “My father was a good man, and I’ve no delusions about how he felt about me, how proud he was of me. I miss him dearly even after all of this time, because he encouraged me in my pursuits. And yes, I engage in a number of pursuits that aren’t traditionally feminine – I’m athletic, I’m a trained combatant, and while other girls were worried about prom dresses and hot boys, I was looking forward to traveling and seeing the world. But I have no delusions that my father would’ve preferred a son, because he didn’t raise me as a boy. He raised me as me, with love and affection and respect. And thanks to that, I’m more than capable of holding my own and defending myself, verbally and with a weapon. Which is more than I can say for you.”

  A crooked eyebrow. “Since when were you a trained psychologist?”

  “I don’t need a degree to figure you out.” Alex tipped her head to Eldon and elaborated, “He gave your son’s full name the last time the two of us crossed paths, and out of curiosity about how someone would be able to tolerate the eccentricities of one such as Eldon Carter, I Googled your son. My memory’s hardly eidetic, but it’s decent enough. He has quite a few accomplishments under his belt. If I’d done half the things he’d done as a scientist, then my family would be quite right to be proud of me and praise me for it.”

  A mirthless laugh. “I see no reason to do so.”

  “Yes, and that doesn’t surprise me. Based on my research, and confirmed by your presentation and what I’ve seen here, I’d surmise that you hardly gave him any affection as he was growing up. He’s here, but he’s hardly enjoying himself, in comparison to his friend who’s practically groveling at your feet. These things are hardly last-minute affairs, so people close to you probably had plenty of opportunity to find time in their schedules to come and see you. But your son Leonard was the only one to come, and only because his friend dragged him along. When I found out about this, I came over almost immediately because I wanted to spend time with my grandmother and give her my support. Not that she needed it with you.”

  “If you have a point…”

  “You’re a cold, heartless woman, lacking in empathy and focused on yourself and your needs to the point that you absolutely fail to grasp your failures as a human being. It’s why your husband divorced you. It’s why your other children absolutely refuse to socialize with you. It’s why your son utterly resents being in your presence, given that you’ve used him as a long-term experiment in depriving a child of love and affection. Not only that, but you’ve provided documentation about it, and demonstrated just how unethical and immoral you are. It’s a miracle you haven’t become the victim of matricide, and if you were, I doubt there’s a jury out there that would be willing to convict. Milgram and Zimbardo at least showed some regret for their actions, but you? I doubt you have the capacity. I’d even go so far as to accuse you of sociopathic tendencies, were that term not outdated.” Alex closed in and quietly added, “And I also doubt you can see what’s to come. You’ve made your own hell, Beverly Hartstaeder, and I pity that you fail to comprehend it.”

  A brief silence, and Beverly turned to Elizabeth and noted, “Your granddaughter is clearly self-projecting her feelings of inadequacy towards her father through passive-aggressive means. I’d recommend a CAT–”

  She was interrupted as Elizabeth gave Alex a small nod, and the younger Masters gave the older woman a back-handed slap to the face. “Also? Don’t insult my father.”

  Elizabeth added a slap of her own. “Don’t insult my son.”

  Another from Alex. “Don’t insult my grandmother.”

  Another from Elizabeth. “Don’t insult my granddaughter.”

  The two then slapped her almost simultaneously and declared in unison, “And if you pull this sort of crap with us again, we’ll show you passive-aggressive, bitch.”

  As Beverly stared at them, seemingly unable to comprehend what they’d just done, Elizabeth turned to Alex and asked, “I’m hungry, you want to grab a bite to eat?”

  “Sure. You know a place?”

  “There’s a sandwich shop not too far away that has nice cheesesteaks. Bring your boyfriend; it’s about time we got introduced.”

  The two then started making their way out of the lecture hall, the rest of their entourage waiting for them outside, Eldon called back, “You come back here and apologize! You have no right, addressing her like that!” He turned to Beverly and noted, “Don’t pay them any heed. They clearly lack the capacity to assess you properly.”

  “I’d say they assessed her quite well.”

  Eldon turned to the source of the voice and shouted in realization, “You!” Sabrina merely flashed a grin and waved before teleporting away, prompting him to declare, “Come, Leonard! I’ll follow her ‘round perdition’s flames before I give her up!” He then stormed off, Leonard meekly following and leaving his mother standing in place as she finally regained the ability to speak.

  “…They slapped me.”
School Reunion - PW-R-073
And Alex's time in Goldenrod City continues as she reunites with her grandmother and great aunt. Also, she has another run in with Eldon Carter, her semi-unknown rival.

Needless to say, yes, Eldon is based upon Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory", and Leonard and Beverly Hartstaeder are, of course, inspired by Leonard and Beverly Hoffsteader (or however it's spelled, my apologies). And I really don't like Beverly. She's an evil old bitch, and as much as I'd like to see Leonard one day give her a proper piece of his mind, I know it'll never happen. The writers will never allow it because they delight in comedic sociopathy.
So, apparently, on the commentary track for "Equestria Girls", they've ballparked the film as taking place six months later (in the human world at least).

A crazy thought I had early on was that the story could have taken place about six months later, as a nice sort of parallel. Last one in the early fall, this one in the early spring, and so on.

It's like they're reading my mind!

Needless to say, the longer it takes to write the version as it appears in continuity with my 'fiction, the more I'll have to work off of.
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Reality Check

  “So, you going to walk around with that badge case open all day, or are you going to actually pay attention to the two guys following you around?”

  Alex smirked and closed her badge case before tucking it back into her vest pocket. “Sorry Jake, still caught up in the euphoria of it all. Might not be a big deal for you, but all the delays I’ve had in going forward in my journey are starting to get to me. It felt like an eternity between this badge and the previous one.” A thought occurred to her as the three continued down the streets of Goldenrod City and she realized, “Come to think of it, it feels like an eternity between winning this badge and now.”

  Nicholas shrugged. “You’re just anxious. It’s hardly been a day.”

  “Yeah, I know.” A small laugh and she turned her attention to more immediate things. “Anyway, plenty to do. So, you going to stick around with us for the interim, or are you going to get back on the road?”

  Jake made a small half-shrug. “I’m in no rush, and that event you two are doing sounds like it’s worth attending, even if I can’t donate much.”

  “Well every little bit helps. A little cash goes a long way for an orphan in need, at least until they can get a good home. And a little entertainment certainly doesn’t hurt.”

  Alex smiled. “Assuming its quality entertainment like your stuff.” Nicholas smiled back and she noted, “Anyway, preparations are almost ready for the show and we’ve got plenty of time to kill, so how about we hit the Goldenrod Galleria?” At Jake’s puzzled expression, she asked, “What?”

  “Nothing, I’ve just got a hard time seeing you going out and shopping is all.”

  A grin. “Hey, there isn’t a single girl I know who doesn’t indulge in retail therapy from time to time. Not to mention the odd guy. I just don’t do it all the time.”


  One of the largest stores in the Johto Region, the Goldenrod Galleria consisted of multiple levels and offered a wide range of products, from groceries to trainer supplies to toys to electronics to clothing, allowing its customers one-stop shopping for whatever they may need. As they entered, Alex glanced about the lobby and took a deep breath, prompting Jake to note, “Tempted to quote a movie?”

  “Yeah, but only because my sister isn’t here to do it for me.” She enthusiastically rubbed her hands together as her eyes caught sight of the directory. “Now, let me see where the clothing department is.”

  Her two male associates approached, Jake shaking his head. “It’s a sad but true stereotype, Nick, but there isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t like getting dressed up. Not even your tomboy girlfriend with her gauntlets and sword.”

  “In my defense, most of my clothing choices are practical, and you can never have too many pairs of shoes.” She tapped a finger against the directory and declared, “Today, however, is not a day for shoes. Today is a day for hats. Met a girl back in Hoenn who rocked a Stetson, my boyfriend looks good in a fedora, and I want to take a swipe at something similar that isn’t a ball cap.” At Nicholas’ curious, puzzled expression, she explained, “They’re cliché. I blame Ash Ketchum; ever since he started wearing that cap of his, there have been imitators coming out of the woodwork.”

  “Well, he is famous and that hat is pretty iconic.” Moving the discussion along, Nicholas prompted, “Anyway, elevator or stairs?”

  Before Alex could answer, the doors to the Galleria opened, a small mass of people  coming in headed by a group consisting of several plus sized women and a pudgy child, cameras and sound equipment carried by others in the group surrounding them. “I wanna Ponyta anna Babsy doll anna big burger anna…”

  Alex quickly turned to her entourage and whispered, “Stairs.”


  “Do either of you know who that little girl was?”

  “Not really, but she had enough film equipment following her to do a small blockbuster, and that’s all I needed to know.” Alex led the way up the stairs as she elaborated, “I’ve already got Rockets after me, I’d rather not give them more of a lead than they already have.”

  “Well, she wasn’t doing a movie! That was Sweetie Ga-Ga!” The other two paused, and Jake explained, “Reality TV star, she started on the beauty pageant circuit and now she’s got a show on cable.”

  “Well, that explains why I never heard of her.” The trio resumed their trek as Nicholas explained, “I don’t watch TV.”

  “And I don’t bother with reality shows, cable or otherwise. They’re cheap time wasters that take funds away from good TV shows. Stuff like that on the air, it’s no shocker the good stuff gets canned. I’m surprised you bother with it.”

  “It’s like a train wreck. You can’t really turn away once you start watching.”
Alex rolled her eyes. “If I want to watch a train wreck, I’ll dig up stock footage online or watch a disaster movie.” They reached their floor and stepped out onto it as she continued, “In any case, it isn’t a big problem. I’ll be in and out in a second, and I’ve got a good idea of what a little girl would want to look for. Thus, I know where not to go, and something tells me…”

  “I want that hat!”

  Alex groaned and facepalmed as Jake and Nicholas caught up. “I swear, I’m turning into a weirdness magnet.” She turned around, closing the door behind her, and threw up her hands in surrender. “You know, let’s just forget the shopping. We’ve got work to do at the theater and…”

  “Alex, come on.” Nicholas gave her an encouraging smile. “Just because something’s going on that you’re not happy about doesn’t mean you should let this ruin your day. We all know life’s too short for that.”

  A sigh. “I know, but…” She was interrupted by a knock on the door behind her, prompting her to turn around and open it, one of the television people standing on the other side. “I’m sorry, can I help you?”

  “I hope so. You’re Alex Masters, right?” At Alex’s nod, he made a small gesture with his head back towards the little reality star, who was now looking at them and clutching a tiny purse. “That little girl there? Her name’s Lanie Sampson and she noticed you just a second ago. She’d like to meet you, if that’s possible.”

  Alex made a brief glance at the girl and asked, “She knows who I am?”

  “She’s a fan of yours. Don’t you watch the shows?”

  Part of it was because of her upbringing; being raised by a woman in the business world meant that Alex had a lot of experience around lawyers and various other sorts who twisted words and bent the truth. Part of it was because of her telepathy. She liked to think it was instinct as well, but in general, Alex could tell when she was being lied to. Right now did not feel like one of those times. Plus, as much as she hated to be defined by her appearances in the media, she knew how she’d be portrayed if she turned down meeting a child, and while she was not a fan of this Sweetie Ga-Ga girl, she also wasn’t heartless, and if this slick TV guy was telling the truth, then she’d just feel guilty about it. And who knows, maybe the girl actually deserved to be called a sweetie.

  Alex smiled. “No, but that doesn’t mean I can’t meet her, right?”

  The man grinned, brought his hands together and mouthed “Thank you” and turned around to get back to the show. Alex made a brief glance back to her friends and shrugged, then stepped out onto the floor.

  The door closed behind her, leaving Nicholas to laugh.

  “What’s so funny?”

  “Nothing, that’s a happy laugh. You know why Alex is doing this?”

  “Because she doesn’t want to seem like a jerk on TV?”

  “No. It’s because she wants a reminder that there’s something good out there.”

  On the other side of the door, out on the sales floor, cameras were rolling and little Lanie had the biggest, most cheerful grin that one could ever imagine on her girlish face as Alex approached and knelt before her. “Hi! I’m Lanie!”

  The little girl received a friendly grin in return. “Hi Lanie, I’m Alex. You look like you’re having a fun day.”

  “I am! It’s my birthday, and Mama gave me some spending money, and I’m gonna buy myself some neat stuff!”

  “Really? Well, happy birthday.”

  “Thanks!” She opened up her purse and pulled out a picture. “You wanna see a picture of my pet Tepig? Her name’s Sparkles!”

  “Sure.” The little girl showed her the picture, and Alex found herself cooing. “Aww! She’s a little cutie!”

  Alex had a lot to worry about, from ShadowWarrior being in danger to her boyfriend’s show to a number of other things, but for this brief moment, despite the cameras rolling, she found herself without a care in the world. Reality television wasn’t her cup of tea, but this little girl was hardly the worst thing in it.
Reality Check - PW-R-072
Okay, I have a confession to make. As should be obvious by reading this story, there's a light nod to "Honey Boo Boo". When I first set out to write it, I was going to be absolutely cruel to the poor girl and make her out to be a spoiled brat. Couldn't bring myself to do it.

Seriously, I couldn't. Can any of you justify being cruel to a little girl who's never done a thing to you, beyond be the focus of a TV show that you don't watch in the first place? Seriously, reality TV is a train wreck, and I don't like watching train wrecks. They waste perfectly good trains, for starters.

Short version? I'm not gonna be mean to a little kid, and neither will Alex.
Radio Free Masters

  “Alright everyone, let’s be at our best! Magic is about to happen, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s give the audience a show, shall we?”

  Alex laughed as she adjusted her headphones. “Is your producer always so excited, or is this my fault?”

  “Trust me, it’s not just you.” The red-haired, bespectacled woman leaned forward and added, “You’re looking a lot more comfortable than most trainers I see here. Aren’t you even a little bit nervous?”

  “Some, but compared to what I’ve been through, I think I can handle something like this.”

  The two were signaled from within the director’s booth, music starting up and cuing them, and Alex took a quick breath as her interviewer turned on her microphone. “Good morning to all our listeners in Kanto and Johto, and everyone catching us on the Internet. I’m DJ Mary, and this is PokéTalk Radio. Joining me today as my first guest is the latest trainer to win a Plain Badge, Alex Masters.”

  Barely a day after defeating Whitney at the Goldenrod Gym and earning her Plain Badge, Alex had been approached by one of the producers at Goldenrod’s Radio Tower, a very flamboyant fellow to say the least, who practically begged her to take part in the day’s show. She had reservations, but she found herself unable to refuse. “Happy to be here, Mary.”

  “You listeners at home may have heard about my guest, her appearance at the recent Silver Conference and her travels in Orre, but something tells me that you’ve probably never heard things from her perspective. Alex, tell us a little about yourself.”

  “Well, there isn’t a lot to tell, to be honest. I’m from Lilycove City in Hoenn, my father was a Pokémon researcher, my mother the head of a manufacturing firm, and my older sister is a successful trainer in her own right. I was a little late getting started in comparison to her, finally setting out when I was sixteen, but I like to think I’ve made some progress on my journey since then.”

  “Given that you’ve traveled through Johto, Hoenn and Orre, I’d say that’s a given. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Pokémon you’ve trained?”


  “That arrogant wench! Going on the radio to crow about her accomplishments will surely…!”

  “Megelle, please, let’s restrain ourselves, hmm?”

  The rotund Rocket operative turned silent as Haig turned up the sound on the radio. Neither thought they would disturb anyone in the surrounding offices, and if someone was disturbed, odds were they would do little about it. After all, you can’t do much when the boss does something you disagree with.

  :“Well, my very first Pokémon was a Torchic; I named him Surtur, and he’s since evolved into a Blaziken. After him came a Squirtle, Daraxis, and a Chikorita, Nadyra; they’ve since become a Blastoise and a Meganium. After them came a Murkrow, ShadowWarrior, and the four of them form the core of my team. The other eleven Pokémon I train are cycled in and out, but I do try to give all of them equal time.”:

  :“And what Pokémon did you use to win your recent battle at the Goldenrod Gym?”:

  :“Surtur, along with Pteryx and Grospoliner, an Archen and a Metang. But even with the three of them and the type advantages, we had a hard time of it. Whitney’s not an easy opponent to face, as most trainers know.”:

  :“Every trainer I’ve interviewed can attest to that. So, what’s next on the horizon for you?”:


  A mirthless laugh escaped Eldon Carter’s mouth. “Please. They have that talentless girl on the radio talking about defeating a Gym Leader?”

  “Eldon, remember the last time you ran into her?” Leonard groaned as he tried to convince the man who was barely his friend to let go of his obsession. “Remember Sabrina?”

  “Yes, and I’ve every intention of seeing to it that she feels my wrath as well. Now quiet, Leonard, I’ve valuable intelligence to gather while we travel to Goldenrod. There’s a reasonable chance she might still be there when we’re there attending your mother’s debate.”

  The shorter of the two scientists gave up, already dreading the trip. Eldon had been invited to attend by Leonard’s mother, someone whom he had little affection towards and actively avoided as much as he could. Unfortunately, it was much easier to go with his friend than insist otherwise.

  :“Well, I’m going to be in Goldenrod for a little while yet. I’m helping my boyfriend with a charity event benefiting the Goldenrod Orphanage, but after that, my next stop is Azalea Town. So if Bugsy is listening to this, I hope he brings his ‘A’ game. I’m looking forward to a challenge.”:

  :“And where from there? The rest of the gyms here in Johto?”:

  :“Of course, and hopefully I’ll go beyond to Kanto, Sinnoh, and maybe even Unova and Kalos. Whether I win any tournaments or not, I’ve still got a lot of places to go and a lot to do before I finally hang up my belt and call it a day. Things might change before then, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.”:


  “Well, I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Maybe we’ll see you in another tournament sometime soon.”

  “That all depends on things outside my control, but we’ll see.”


  The interview concluded, Alex closed the door behind her and sighed in relief. As composed as she was, she did not look forward to what was no doubt on the way now that she’d broadcasted her plans. She already had more encounters with Team Rocket since her arrival in Johto than she’d have liked, and it was a matter of time before she crossed swords with them again. Just because Ash Ketchum dealt with the dregs didn’t mean she was doing the same.

  “You know, I’d say you did pretty good.”

  She smiled, and looked into the approving face of her boyfriend. “Thanks. I just hope this is a positive sign of things to come. I can’t help but feel like something’s waiting on the horizon.”

  “And if it is, we’ll deal with it.” Nicholas gently bumped her shoulder with his fist and assured her, “We did it before. We’ll do it again.”

  A nod. “Yeah. We will.”
Radio Free Masters - PW-R-071
Forgive me, but I wanted to have a piece as a quick summary, especially considering it's been over a year since I posted anything in this storyline. Anyway, Alex has a radio interview and some plot threads are set up for future stories.
So, apparently, on the commentary track for "Equestria Girls", they've ballparked the film as taking place six months later (in the human world at least).

A crazy thought I had early on was that the story could have taken place about six months later, as a nice sort of parallel. Last one in the early fall, this one in the early spring, and so on.

It's like they're reading my mind!

Needless to say, the longer it takes to write the version as it appears in continuity with my 'fiction, the more I'll have to work off of.
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