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Yeah, I wouldn't be impressed either.



Potiential Back for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

Well, now things are getting interesting! Once more, a very well laid-out page, with nice, clear text (save for your URL - a darker pin...

Potiential Cover for U.T.P by Tammi-sempai

I'll say this much, the piece definitely caught my attention with little trouble. Of course, my attention is easily caught by women, so...


Just because I'm taking a break from the writing doesn't mean I'm not thinking about the writing.

Anyway, I plan on doing more stories based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Not sure how many of them at this point, but I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of thirteen or so. About half will focus on my OC, Quiver Quill, while the rest will be Equestria Girls-centered and focus on Sunset Shimmer and her ongoing attempts at bettering herself in preparation for the inevitable return home.

And yes, that does mean that "An Act of Random Kindness" and "The Sun Also Rises" are in continuity with one another. I wrote 'em both, so I've got the final word.

Right now, I plan on alternating, with a Quiver Quill story coming next. I've got plenty of plans for him, the very next story featuring him moving to Ponyville and having some trouble fitting in, with future stories having him interact with both major characters from the show as well as background characters, and growing from the nervous but resilient mess that he is now into a stronger, prouder, braver young stallion. At the risk of spoiling, he'll travel with Rainbow Dash to the Valley of the Sun, attend his high school reunion with Rarity, assist Cheerilee in teaching her students some lessons in storytelling, face something every guy has to face eventually, share a meal with the Apple family, cross paths with Discord once or twice, discover something amazing with Lyra Heartstrings involving Minuette and Doctor Whooves, and he'll eventually get an honor that he never asked for or expected as a result of his actions...maybe even a mare-friend.

I assure all of you, the potential mare-friend is not an established character, though she is related to one.

As for Sunset Shimmer, her future stories are entirely dependent upon what comes out for her with future "Equestria Girls" stories. I want my stories to fit into canon as seamlessly as possible, dagnabbit. As for right now, however, the plan is for her to recognize everything she's done wrong, give her more of a backstory, and help her to grow. She'll still be confident, but it'll be less arrogance and more girl-with-a-plan, snarky and tough, but with a little more vulnerability. Also, if all goes according to plan, she'll realize that she really isn't the monster that she was when she put on Twilight's crown. Oh, and I might do a "Peggy Sue" story with her, I dunno - it'd involve Discord, that's for sure.

I just wish I had more time to write them all...
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William A. Rendfeld
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You've had long enough to digest. Did you enjoy "The Sun Also Rises"? 

9 deviants said Yes! Let the redemption of Sunset Shimmer begin!
6 deviants said Wait, you posted something new?
4 deviants said Eh, it was okay.
1 deviant said No! I object to Equestria Girls on principle!


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